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Mahmut Doğan, M.D.

Mahmut Doğan, M.D., was born in Germany in 16.08.1983. Following graduation from high school in Denizli in 2001, he started the medical education in Istanbul School of Medicine of Istanbul University in the same year. Following six-year medical education, he had his General Surgery residency at İstanbul Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Teaching and Research Hospital from 2008 to 2013. After he completed the conscription at Ağrı State Hospital, he started residing in Istanbul again in 2013. Mahmut Doğan, M.D., is married with two children and has good command in English and German.

Having interest to general surgery department during his medical education, Dr. Doğan started on his the first and only preference, the general surgery residency. He was awarded the title of general surgeon in 2013. He has worked with renown obesity surgeons of Turkey and had the chance of participating in numerous surgeries throughout his residency. He was a member of the team performing robotic-assisted surgery (Da vinci surgical system) for the first time in Turkey and thus, he participated in almost 100 robotic-assisted surgeries. Having significant experience in laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Doğan is primarily dealing with surgical and non-surgical treatment methods (Gastric Botox, intra-gastric balloon) of obesity. Moreover, his fields of interest include diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, hemorrhoid surgery (laser, laparoscopic hemorrhoid surgery, band ligation), thyroid surgery and hernia surgery. Currently, he admits patients in his own clinic in Fulya, Istanbul.


  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Turkish Surgical Association
  • Turkish Association of Obesity Surgery (TOSS)
  • International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)
  • Turkish Association of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Dietician Gözde Uçak

Dietician Gözde Uçak was born in Istanbul in 14.04.1997.

She was graduated from School of Nutrition and Dietetics (English), Okan University, where she started attending in 2015. She attended numerous courses, congresses and symposiums and received certificates throughout her undergraduate education. She was certified by expert trainers and doctors of relevant disciplines following completion of Bariatric Surgery Dietician training successfully; her undergraduate dissertation was also about Bariatric Surgery.

She monitors all up-to-date approaches very closely. She authored numerous articles and descriptions in many web sites. Her voluntary and mandatory training in various hospitals and facilities throughout her undergraduate education allowed her combine her theoretical knowledge with the practice; Gözde Uçak experienced appropriate nutritional therapies in various diseases and cases. Currently, she is a Bariatric Dietician in Dr. Mahmut Doğan Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Clinic.

Pakize Şenci

Clinic Assistant

Ahmet Saygılı

Patient Coordinator

I was born in Adana in December 29, 1994. I attended primary and secondary schools in Adana followed by Istanbul. I was graduated from Istanbul Darüşşafaka High School in 2014. I started attending Healthcare Management School of Usküdar University with full scholarship and I was graduated in 2018; I completed the Master’s Degree education in Neuro-marketing immediately after my university graduation. I started my work life at Kolan Hospital while I was a university student. Subsequently, I undertook various duties and responsibilities at Istanbul Cerrahi hospital.