Gastric Botox implies injection of Botox into stomach wall in an endoscopic procedure. Its effect persists for five and half to six months. This method helps compliance with diet.

How does it work?

When Botox is injected into stomach wall, it slows down contractions (peristalsis) of stomach during digestion or in other words, foods are digested slower. Thus, foods stay inside the stomach for a longer time , resulting in longer feeling of being full. Briefly, the stomach empties in 6 to 7 hours when Botox is injected, while the figure is 4 hours in a normal stomach.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes.

What should be done before procedure?

You should avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before the procedure.

What do we watch out in Gastric Botox?

Gastric Botox, one of the methods used for treatment of obesity, prolongs the duration of being full and reduces the feeling of hunger through its functional effects on the stomach and it is regarded as a non-surgical treatment option that facilitates the diet based on such effects. Clinics adopt various techniques and doses for Gastric Botox. It should be known that success of the Gastric Botox is affected by 2 factors. First, Botox should be administered at an appropriate dose and second, the technique used to inject Botox into stomach wall. Success rates vary depending on these two factors. The patients, who are injected Botox, should strictly follow the diet list issued by a bariatric dietician specialized in these treatments, because small deviations from the diet should be avoided and the diet should be followed regularly, as gastric Botox helps patients lose weight by restricting the calorie intake. It is necessary to remember that if dietary rules or instructions are violated, the appetite and fluid retention in body may increase depending on the foods consumed by patients. This may influence rate of weight loss in subsequent follow-up visits. Finally, Gastric Botox is a quite successful and promising treatment method, if it is performed by specialists and subsequent eating instructions are strictly complied with.

May Gastric Botox be repeated?

Effect of Botulinum toxin on the stomach lasts maximum 6 (six) months and the effect disappears completely thereafter. It should be repeated to maintain its efficiency in patients, who could not lose weight sufficiently or at desired rate. The second injection can be made six months after the first one followed by a third injection one year after the second one. Therefore, this treatment can be performed three times in an approximately 18-month period. However, our practices show that a single injection is usually sufficient for our patients. Briefly, it is necessary to emphasize that Gastric Botox does not cause a lifelong alteration or in other words, gastric functions are restored after its effects wear off. Our patients should necessarily follow an appropriate diet and exercise program in order to main the target body weight.

Finally, I would like remind that success of the gastric Botox, namely ‘suppression of appetite and prolonged fullness’, depends on the technique and dose of Botox; or in other words, Gastric Botox is not a standard procedure and the technique varies for each clinic, resulting in variation of success rates.

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