Intra-gastric balloon involves placement of balloon inside the stomach cavity with endoscopic technique. There are two options: one placed for 6 months and one for 1 year.

How does it work?

The balloon restricts the food intake by occupying a part of the stomach (450-650 cc). Moreover, it reduces the feeling of hunger due to compression of the stomach wall.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes.

What should be done before procedure?

You should avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before the procedure.

What are potential complaints following placement of balloon and how long do they persist?

Cramp, nausea and vomiting will develop approximately 4 hours after the balloon is inserted.

Severity and duration of such complaints may vary depending on pain threshold of the patient; they will persist for 3 to 4 days on average. These are expected conditions for all patients. Certain drugs are administered during the procedure and others are prescribed to alleviate these complaints in order to ensure patient’s comfort when the patient is discharged. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the complaints secondary to placement of an intra-gastric balloon in day 2 and they disappear in day 4, if dietary instructions are strictly followed.

 How many types of balloons?

There are two types of intra-gastric balloon; it may be lest inside the stomach for 6 or 12 months depending on type of the intra-gastric balloon. The best option of intra-gastric balloon for a certain patient should be evaluated depending on the excessive weight that should be lost and eating patients of the patient. Since volume can be adjusted for intra-gastric balloons that can be used for 12 months, it is possible to increase and reduce volume of the balloon depending on the weight loss process and adaptation of the patient. However, 6-month balloons do not offer this feature. The 6-month balloon cannot be further inflated, after it is inflated during the baseline procedure.

How is an intra-gastric balloon removed?

The removal (extraction) procedure is performed endoscopically depending on the type of intra-gastric balloon. For 6-month and 1-year balloons, the balloon is emptied and removed with an endoscope.

May I regain weight after the balloon is removed?

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of obesity primarily intends to create a healthy eating habit; the success of weight loss can be long-lasting, if the eating habits gained during intra-gastric balloon therapy and exercise are maintained. Target body weight is protected and weight loss is maintained in most patients, if they do not return to unhealthy eating habits.

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